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I founded Sababa Travel in 2015 because I believe travel provides the best kind of education. When you travel authentically—when you dare to go beyond the typical tourist sites—you connect to the culture, history, and deep-seated lore of a place in powerful ways. These real-life history lessons awe you, inspire you, and humble you—now you can’t achieve that by reading a history book alone!

I’ve experienced so many moments like that myself during my own travels, especially on my frequent trips to my beloved Israel. One moment that really awed me came during a trip to Ein Gedi, an oasis west of the Dead Sea. Our guide Doron took us on a hike to a shallow pool of water, with a gorgeous waterfall cascading into it.

As we waded into the water, he took out a bible and handed it to my nephew, pointing to a particular passage. “Read it aloud,” he said. The passage described the exact spot we were standing in—goosebumps came over me as I took in the historical and spiritual significance of where I was!

Founder of Sababa Travel

Hi! I’m Sharon Rockman

And I never want you to feel limited by the overwhelming amounts of research, planning, and logistical fussing it takes to design an eye-opening travel experience.

I want that same “goosebumps” moment for you. 

  I have the exclusive industry connections and experienced know-how to deliver a trip that awes—and that unfolds oh-so seamlessly.

Instead, hand it all over to me.

I travel to Israel multiple times annually—it’s a place I never tire of, with incredible contrasts between the modern and ancient.

Favorite destination? Besides Israel, African safaris, Morocco, and any type of heritage travel always excites me.

Still on my bucket list? India, Japan, Russia … the list could go on!

I never travel without: A packable duffel bag to bring home all of my souvenirs. I also never travel without a packable pouch. When shopping, it's great to put all of your purchases in it.

Why “Sababa”? It’s Hebrew and Arabic slang for “it’s all good”—and that’s exactly the kind of carefree feeling I want my clients to have on their vacations!

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At Sababa, it’s all good.

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