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Bar / Bat Mitzvah

Have you considered celebrating a family simcha such as a Bar or Bat Mitzvah in Israel?

A range of options for the Bat/Bar Mitzvah service and/or celebration meal may include:

• Historic buildings
• Natural settings
• Ancient synagogues
• Biblical and modern military sites

We work together with you to arrange your hotel reservations, design the tour and orchestrate a perfect Bar or Bat Mitzvah event.

The team at Sababa Travel will plan the whole event for you, always keeping your specific desires and interests in mind.

Not only do we plan the tour – with that special touch for detail – but we also work out all details for the event, including the caterer, decorations, the photographer, flowers and lots more.

If you would like to have a joyful and unique event for your family, an event that will be remembered for years to come, contact us.

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