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As the premier Israel tours agency, we work hand in hand with you to build a program that fits your travel style, interests and budget.

Rather than offering you a stock itinerary out of a catalog, we design a program in collaboration with you, taking into consideration the season of the year, weather and your party’s age groups.

We accompany you throughout your visit, from the moment that we welcome you at the Airport upon arrival until you depart. Our expert travel guides travel with you in the comfort of their touring vehicle. Your dedicated Tour Operator in the office provides you with complete day to day back-up.

Your family tour might include such outdoor and adventure activities as boating, camel riding, desert tours, diving, hiking, horseback riding, jeep expeditions, kayaking, mountain rappelling, water sports and lots more.

We also include people-to-people visits dealing with one or more of the following topics: absorption and immigration, archaeology, chesed projects, ecology, Jewish art, social responsibility and more.

We also include private tours to Jordan.

If you are interested in experiencing, hands-on, the incredible beauty and excitement that Israel has to offer, choose Sababa Travel and you have come to the right place!

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